Take The Perfect Selfie With This Amazing App!

Everywhere you look people are taking selfies! The grocery store, at church, in the park even at the dinner table.  You cannot escape it!  Lucky for you we have done our fair share of selfies and our fair share of phot bombing other people’s selfies.  We are going to share with you the 1 app that all Android users must have.


Candy Camera is the ultimate selfie app.   This is just one of many selfie apps that we reviewed but this one stile our heart.  This is a must have for anyone who owns an android app and plans on taking a selfie.  Let’s be honest, who doesn’t take selfies?  What makes this app stand out from the rest? Well first of all you have a ton of variety of filters.  Filters are the #1 thing when it comes to a selfie.  The whole idea behind taking a selfie is to look good right?  Make sure you take full advantage of candy camera beauty features.  You have so many to choose from!  Lipstick, eyeliner, concealer even lipstick!  This wonderful apps allows you to make multiple pictures from all different angel and then you can create a selfie collage!  Yes that’s right a selfie collage.  This is just one of many selfie apps that we reviewed but this one stile our heart.

As if applying candy camera eye line and teeth whitener wasn’t enough, you also have the options to add more style with stickers.  Candy Camera give you so many stickers to choose from.  For example flowers, food, trips and even heart.  The list goes on and on.  You can even record a video with stickers.  How cool is that!  I can talk about this app for days’ and you know what this app can keep you entertained for days!

Another neat feature about Candy Camera is that not only is it the ultimate selfie tool but you can use it for photo editing.  How many apps do you know can be used for selfie and as a Photoshop?  Not many right?

Give this app a download and take it for a test run you will not be disappointed.